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In case any of you read my eye product review…

Here’s the update!

Benefit Cosmetics “They’re Real!” Push-Up Liner

I exchanged my first one—tried out the new one today. STILL clumpy. I wish it were the holy grail product I thought it would be. The design is good, the formula, however? AWFUL. I know eyeliner and I know this product is not for anyone the way the formula stands now. I’m such a benefit fan, but this just doesn’t cut it.

I’m always waiting.  Waiting for some magical quote to change my outlook on life.  Waiting for something positive to happen.  Waiting to be happy.  It’s like when people only look forward to the weekend.  What a waste of five days!  Ron once told me you have to take time for yourself and create mini vacations throughout your day.  No, I don’t mean take a few hours off of work and go to the mall.  I’m talking about creating your own place of happiness and tranquility where you can be anywhere.  The problem?  It’s HARD.  Especially for a pessimist like me.  I look for everything going wrong.  I take people not smiling back at me in the office as a sign of hatred.  A ripped grocery bag can completely ruin my whole day.  I’m an extremist.  Either I’m 100% happy or 100% upset.  100% alive or 100% suicidal.  And that’s not a way to live.  You have to stop waiting and start w o r k i n g.  WORK for your happy place.  Work until positivity and optimism becomes a part of you—second nature.  I struggle and fail with it every day, but that doesn’t mean I’m not trying.  Life is too short to live as a pessimistic extremist.  I should know.  “Don’t worry, be happy”

Opaque  by  andbamnan